Little School


Kent School’s Little School, established as a licensed Early Childhood Education Center, is designed to serve the comprehensive needs of three and four year old children participating in a half-day or full day program, for 3, 4 or 5 days a week.

We strive to serve each child’s needs in four key areas:

Social and Emotional Development

Language and Communication

Problem Solving

Educational Development

Little School staff work hard to create an atmosphere that allows children to express themselves while developing their maximum potential. We recognize that each child is unique, and all children are respected for their differences.    The same performance and behavior is not expected of any two children. The School’s warm social atmosphere encourages each child’s growth in responsibility and self-discipline. The faculty encourages family involvement in the program so that each child feels a close bond between home and school.

       By design, the program is multi-age to cater to the growth of every child in each of our goal areas. Preschool children typically develop at varying speeds which could mean a four year old is on a similar level as a three year old socially and a three year old may be better paired with a four year old for a writing task. This approach provides an environment for every child to develop at their own pace without directly comparing themselves to their own age group.

Julia Gross

Director of Little School

410 778 4100