The primary mission of the Kent School Library is to implement, enrich and support the total education program of the school and to encourage reading as a leisure time activity. Kent School's mission encourages children to be resourceful and independent. The children learn to use the library for both information retrieval and personal book selection. The library is the foundation for our community, preschool thru eighth grade, where the literary arts are treasured, revered, and very much alive.

Little School students visit the library each week for story time. The themes of the stories selected support our pre-school’s theme-based curriculum. Students who have reached their fifth birthday are also invited to borrow books from the library. Parents are asked to help students remember to return their books each week before borrowing another.

Lower School students attend weekly library classes. During these classes, books are read aloud, library skills are taught, and students are able to exchange their library books. In addition, students are able to visit the library throughout the school day to exchange books, and to do research with their classroom teachers. In lower school, books are borrowed for a two-week period.

Middle School students use the library daily for research and recreational reading. Each grade completes at least one major research project per year. In addition, the library supports Middle School students and teachers by providing materials that supplement the curriculum.

The library is an integral, fundamental, and indispensable part of Kent School. It is a place to learn to investigate, study, and enjoy, as it provides limitless opportunities for education.




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