Dear Kent School Families, 
Welcome to a new school year! For the upcoming year 2015-2016 we will again be offering two bus runs (afternoon and evening) in addition to the morning routes. 
This means that families will be able to sign up for AM transportation and PM transportation on either the 3:25 or 5:30 PM bus. 
You can reserve a seat on your particular bus by trimester or for the year. If you know you want PM transportation for the year but are not sure if your child wants to take an afternoon activity or play a sport, sign up for the 3:30 PM bus for the year and we can change it to 5:30 PM by trimester. 
Priority in reserving seats will be given to those families who register for seats on a full time basis. 
Please find the following four sheets on our transportation quick link; 
1. Bus regulations – Please note dedicated email address for schedule changes. 
2. Route Schedule Sheet – This sheet explains the times that busses will be picking up and dropping off students at each stop. 
3. Transportation Contract Sheet – This sheet explains the cost per child based on what zone your child’s bus stop is in. The fees listed are per trimester. 
4. Ridership Selection Sheet – This sheet is used for you to register your child for their transportation needs. Please use one form for each bus rider. To register for bus service for the upcoming school year, you will need to return form # 3 (Transportation Contract Sheet) and form # 4 (Ridership Selection Sheet) to Kent School, Attn: Susan Nickerson. 
Please remember that all forms are due back to Kent School by August 1, 2015. 
If you have any questions or concerns regarding bus service, please feel free to contact at or by phone at (410) 778-4100 Ext 140.




Don Sullivan

Business Manager