Strategic Plan

Financial Sustainability

Be a financially sustainable institution that manages our campus, community and other assets to ensure the ongoing affordability of our programs

• To increase enrollment to 180+ students within five years.

• Develop a comprehensive advancement plan to address the financial needs of Kent School.

• Implement a plan to use our campus and our assets as sources of alternative revenue streams to reduce our dependence on tuition revenue and our annual Osprey Fund.

• Fundraise to maintain a PPRRSM account balance to address our capital improvement needs and enable our maintenance budget to be solely for the maintenance of our campus.

Buildings and Grounds

Invest in the infrastructure of our campus with a concentration on environmentally sustainable practices so as to reduce our operating costs.

• Develop annually a plan for the maintenance of the buildings and grounds to maintain our beautiful campus.

• Develop a comprehensive master plan for our Buildings and Grounds to provide guidance for our capital projects.

• Investigate and determine the return of a potential investment into alternative sources of energy so as to reduce our operating expenses and be more environmentally responsible.

Academic Program

Provide a balanced, integrated and relevant curriculum that develops the essential capacities in our students to be actively engaged, global citizens in the 21st Century.

• Analyze our present curriculum and adjust the content and skills taught so as to ensure that it is consistent with the Essential Capacities for 21st Century Schools of the Future as stated by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Commission on Accreditation and remains true to our mission.

• Participate in enrichment activities to further enhance our academic program.

• Further develop the aspects of our curriculum that promote inter-grade projects so as to reinforce the fabric of our community.

• Incorporate a global perspective throughout the curriculum to best prepare our students to be actively engaged citizens.

• Develop a spiraling curriculum around the theme of environmental sustainability so that our students understand the significance of their individual actions.

• Further develop the aspects of our curriculum that promote creative thought and physical fitness.


Be a dynamic, compassionate and diverse community of learners that has a positive impact on the greater surrounding community.

• Implement a formal Professional Development program for the faculty and staff to ensure best educational practices.

• Continue to place great importance on the development of integrity, respect, responsibility and friendship.

• Develop a formal parent education program to support the family/school partnership and provide our parents with a better understanding of the significant developmental and academic benchmarks their children will experience while at Kent School.

• Establish and develop a community service program with our local businesses and organizations to provide our students opportunities to support our local community.