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Shopping/Gift Card program


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School code:            CB212F1916126

Be a part of the largest fundraising effort for the PTF! Order pre-paid shopping / gift cards and the store/vendor gives a percentage of the face value of the card to the PTF - it costs you nothing!

HOW DOES THE PROGRAM RAISE MONEY? Working with, Kent School PTF buys shopping / gift cards at discounted prices and families purchase and redeem cards at full face value. PTF uses the profit, which varies from 1% to more than 15% depending upon the vendor, to fund PTF programs and events. See a full list of participating vendors and to set up your family account today!  

Submit your check made payable to Kent School PTF to Sam Hollomon, Kate Gray or drop it in the Shopping Card Program envelope on the School Store desk. Orders occur on Tuesdays listed below, and you will receive your ScriptNow Emailed Certificates and Reload Emails by the next day; you will receive your cards by that Friday. Need something local immediately? Stop by the school store for cards from Inventory each morning from 8-8:30am.

Shopping Gift Card Order Schedule

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Spring break hotels & care rentals



Spring cleanup with Kingstown F&G!









End of year gifts; summer travel cards; shopping stash



Summer stock up!!




Gift Cards Ideas

Do you shop locally? Ace (JBK) Hardware; Acme; Dominos; Dunkin' Donuts; KFC; Kingstown Farm & Garden; Otwell's Market; Peebles; Pizza Hut; Play it Again Sams; Radio Shack; Sears; Subway; Walgreens.

Do you shop in Middletown? Kohl's; Walmart; Home Depot; Lowes.

Do you shop in Annapolis? Most stores in Annapolis mall; Whole Foods.

Do you shop in Easton? Target; Chipotle; Starbucks.

Wanna get away to Cambridge Hyatt? There's Gift Cards for that!