Middle School Explorations is an opportunity for middle school students to explore topics that are an extension of the regular curriculum, to pursue an interest or talent, or discover a new one. Small, cross-grade groups provide a setting for students to interact with students in other grades. There are two six-week Exploration Blocks, one in the fall and one in the spring. Explorations meets for one class period each Wednesday. Offerings have included: News from the Middle, Edible Art, Alternative Dance, Math Warriors, Up, Up and Away (Rocketry), Slam Poetry, Exploring the World of Drums, Hand Modeling Animals with Clay, Monologues for the Masses, Pumpkin Chunkin’ (trebuchet), Origami, Neuroscience, Forensics, Calligraphy, Catch a Bug, Quilting, Fun with Physics, Ghost Hunters, Robotics and Chem-is-try.