Kindergarten students are exposed to a wide variety of teaching methods to foster individual learning styles and needs through out the school year. We are able to spend a fair amount of time working with students individually. This variety and one on one teaching allows the Kindergarten students to be fully prepared to enter first grade. We follow the Open Court Phonics scheme for the foundation of the Language Arts program to teach phonics and phonemic awareness. The students are exposed to numbers and math daily. They explore numbers in the 100 chart and other math concepts throughout the year with daily math problems, discussions concerning the calendar and the use of manipulatives.

Science, Social Studies and Fine Motor Skills are explored and developed through our student’s center activities. This is one of the most fun, student directed, and interactive ways we have found to learn about these topics and develop skills.

We have created many of our themes to be inclusive of an overall topic, such as the Arctic. We read stories and learn about the environment, what kind of animals live in these biomes and how this affects our world. During centers, the students create animals and write and illustrate books on the topics. As the year progresses, the classroom comes alive with the creation of different biomes from around the world. Evidence of exploring holidays and traditions is seen in the wonderful displays created by the students. This is a great way for them to experience these themes, as they are student directed.