Lower School Computer Classes

The Computer curriculum in the Lower School spirals throughout the grades as students develop the competencies for the use of the technology as tools to enhance learning and produce products. Starting in kindergarten, a major focus is on keyboard location skills building to a two handed approach to finding the keys in 1st grade. Color coded keyboarding software used in 2nd grade carries the children into a formal typing program that starts in 3rd grade with a goal for 4th grade of 15-20 words per minute using proper hand placement. An introduction to word processing begins in K with typing abc’s and 1,2,3’s, names and sight words. Weekly spelling word lists are used in 1st and 2nd grades to encourage the use of two hands and an ever-increasing set of tools to manipulate text and import graphics. In 3rd and 4th grades, integrated, cross-curricular projects allow for instruction in spreadsheet operations, layout, research, and presentation software. The 4th grade has an additional weekly instructional block dedicated to keyboarding.

Kindergarten and 1st grade students receive weekly instruction through Lexia, a state of the art phonics based reading program. This program has the additional benefit of being web based, allowing access by parents for home use for additional instruction.  Additional software applications are used in all grades to enhance classroom instruction.  

Examples of grade-level technology products:


            •  Kindergarten - snowman painting, spring painting, site word list, “I Like Kindergarten” eBook, iPad-learning station

            • 1st grade - surveys and graphs, “I Like Math” eBook, weekly spelling list

            •  2nd grade - surveys and graphs, illustrated adjective book, autobiographical sketch, weekly spelling list, eBird data entry

            •  3rd grade - monthly country research, tri-fold travel brochure, quilt block pattern, spreadsheet/graphs from science and math projects

            •  4th grade - 3 Bay Studies newsletters, indigenous species slide presentation, what is an Estuary? essay w/graphics, historical population graphs, book reports


Lower School Technology

The Computer curriculum in the Lower School spirals throughout the grades as students develop competencies for the use of technology as tools to enhance learning and to produce a product.

  • weekly instruction in the computer lab (keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software)
  • flex time in lab to allow for additional access for individuals and small groups
  • classroom set of iPads on a cart for integration into K - 4 curriculum
  • web-based phonics and math programs with home-to-school capabilities