Lower School

Our curriculum has been thoughtfully designed to provide students with a solid foundation of skills and experiences upon which all future learning will rest. Students are challenged to make connections, explore their environment, and develop a love for learning. Whether with an interactive whiteboard or use of the Lower School computer lab, technology can be woven throughout the curriculum in a variety of useful and appropriate ways. Specialists work closely with the classroom teachers to ensure that experiences in art, music, and physical education compliment the themes being explored in class. Weekly time in the beautiful new library allows students to borrow books, spend quality time with great stories, and learn to use the library appropriately and efficiently. Students also continue their exposure to foreign language with Spanish classes twice every week.

Academic goals are thoughtfully balanced with the developmental, emotional, and social needs of students. Weekly jobs encourage children to take responsibility for caring for their belongings and their classroom. Various programs, such as first grade’s “Student of the Day’ or “Show and Tell” opportunities, spotlight our children and allow them to shine. High personal and academic standards allow children to “reach their full promise” by developing the skills and habits of mind that will last a lifetime. Additionally, the weekly homework assignments assist children in developing time management skills. Process and effort are valued as children learn to take pride in their work and become curious, persistent, resilient, independent, and respectful members of the classroom community. This is the place where children begin to love and understand the process of learning in order to become effective, life-long learners.