Kent School Financial Aid Process

Kent School asks that all families who wish to receive Financial Aid apply each year, regardless of the previous year’s decision.

If you wish to be considered for Financial Aid, you must complete the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) process, which includes the Parent Financial Statement (PFS). Once the PFS is completed, SSS will send a report to Kent School for each child.

In addition to the PFS, you are asked to submit your most recently completed and signed tax return. Please include extenuating circumstances that may help our committee make a more informed decision on the SSS form.

Once Kent School has received all of the required documentation, the Financial Aid Committee will review the request and determine if a financial aid award is to be given and, if so, the amount of the award.

There are many factors that are used in determining financial aid and there is no income cutoff for applying. We realize that every financial situation is unique and we encourage anyone with questions to please contact Tricia Cammerzell, Assistant Head of School for Advancement at 410-778-4100 ext 110.

Tricia Cammerzell

Assistant Head of School for Advancement

410-778-4100 ext. 110