At Kent School, all students take art and music classes, and middle school students take drama classes as well. These classes are sequential, and build on the skills learned each year. Process is as important as completed works and performances.  Whenever possible, the arts curriculums coordinate with classroom studies.


In art, students explore  a variety of media, study art history, and develop their own pieces of artwork.  The student work is displayed throughout the school, and at an all-school art show in late spring. The students' artwork is often displayed at local venues, including River Arts and the Kent County Public Library, and the students create pieces for various local contests.




In music, all children experience the pleasure of singing, moving, dancing, and playing instruments. As they develop through the grades, the students learn all aspects of both orchestral and global music, study composers, music history and theory. They begin playing percussion instruments in the early years, learn to play Orff xylophones in second grade, recorders in third grade, and handbells and boomwhackers in fourth grade. Fifth graders study guitar. The children all perform in assemblies and programs. The third graders also learn violin under the Fiddlesticks program. The Kent School Chorus is an extra-curricular program open to third through eighth graders.




In drama, middle school students develop confidence in performing and trust in their classmates.  The students learn a variety of theatre games and exercises,  perform pantomimes, develop their own skits, and learn acting skills. These skills culminate in the eighth grade, when all eighth graders perform in the eighth grade spring musical.


Patricia Parkhurst

Art Department Head


Kate Bennett

Music Department Head